VeeLoop is revolutionising

the way Teens Shop Online

VeeLoop is an online approval and payment service to help young people shop online

VeeLoop is just like going shopping with mum or dad - you fill up the basket online, send it to mum, mum checks and pays in her own time, wherever she is. Keeping everyone in the loop with online shopping.

Learn how it works

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online shopping and payment process for teenagers and parents
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  • Amy Signs up to VeeLoop
  • Dad Signs up to VeeLoop
  • we link Amy and Dad
online shopping and payment process for teenagers and parents
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  • Amy goes to her favorite site
  • fills her basket
  • chooses VeeLoop at checkout
  • sends basket to Dad
online shopping and payment process for teenagers and parents
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  • Dad gets notification via email or text
  • Dad checks Amy’s basket
  • Dad says yes or no to items
  • ONLY dad can checkout
online shopping and payment process for teenagers and parents
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  • Amy gets a summary of Dad’s decisions
  • Dad gets a summary too

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you tell me more about how VeeLoop works?

    VeeLoop works as a payment approval service by sending the teenager’s basket to the parent for vetting and payment. Only the parent provides payment information and delivery details.

    See how it works step by step:

    • The parent signs up and creates an account with VeeLoop
    • The parent can add their teen using their email address
    • The teen signs up and will be linked to the parent straight away
    • The teen can start the process as well, they can sign up and add the parent using the parent’s email
    • The teen can then shop with our partner shops (the more you use us the more retailers we get onboard)
    • When the teen gets to the point of registering/logging in, they will have an option to pay with VeeLoop. They click on the VeeLoop button, which takes them to our secure website and they can send their order to Mum/Dad
    • Mum/Dad will get an email notification telling them there is an order from teen awaiting approval
    • Mum/Dad follow the link or just go to and log in to see the order
    • Mum/Dad check and can accept or reject items
    • Mum/Dad choose delivery method, put in payment details and delivery address
    • ONLY Mum/Dad can complete the transaction
    • Mum/Dad and Teen get summary of the order
    • Teen will receive a notification if all items were rejected by the parent

    This is VeeLoop’s initial service but as we grow we will add a range of digital money management tools to support families in teaching their kids financial literacy and the value of money in a digital economy.

  • As a parent do I approve what my teen is buying before I pay for it?

    Yes. You will receive a notification when your teen creates an order and you will have to approve/reject items before proceeding to checkout.

  • Can I add my nephew to use the service? Or does it have to be Mum or Dad?

    It doesn’t have to be Mum or Dad, as adult you can add anyone. An adult (paying) account can add up to three teens so you could have a nephew and your two children/teen for example.

  • Can a parent have more than one teen/child on VeeLoop?

    Yes, parent accounts can add up to 3 children/teens.

  • Are my card details secure with VeeLoop?

    Yes, we take your security and privacy very seriously. VeeLoop partners with an established Payment Gateway, Stripe, to store your payment details and ensure the highest levels of security are implemented. Stripe processes billions of dollars a year in online payments for thousands of businesses, from newly-launched start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. If you want more information about Stripe please click on the badge below for their website.

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  • Is VeeLoop free to use?

    Yes, our vision as founders and parents is NOT to charge families to use VeeLoop. As mothers we feel we spend enough raising our kids and need more free services. Our plan is to make money from generating sales for retailers, we might have to have ads if necessary (we hope not). The more families that show interest and support us the stronger our position becomes, so please support us by signing up and using the service.

  • What online shops will VeeLoop work with?

    Our aim is to work with all online shops where teenagers shop, from fashion to books to games and more. We will have a list of retail partners on our website and you will also see us as a payment method on the retailer’s website. We are launching VeeLoop with one small shop, The Hopeful Shop, Carrie Hope Fletcher’s online merchandise shop. But we will be adding shops frequently so keep an eye on our site or follow us on social media to find out when more shops are added.

  • Will my teen have access to payment and address details?

    No. Your teen will only have access to the basic details they provided us and the order history they submitted through VeeLoop.

  • Will my teen disclose any personal details to retailers?

    No, they won’t. That’s the whole idea of VeeLoop - the teen only gives us basic details about themselves (name, DOB, email, gender) to create an account. Only adults provide payment and delivery details.

  • Who will the retailer see on the order? The parent or the child?

    The parent; in order for the retailer to fulfill the order we need to send them product details, delivery details and confirmation of payment which is all provided to us by the parent to ensure smooth delivery of your order.

  • Can I set an allowance for my teen?

    Not straight away. Initially parents will have to see and approve/reject each order. But soon we will start working on a digital allowance feature, where you can set an allowance for your teen and not have to approve every order, as long as they stay within the limits you set.

  • Where does the name VeeLoop comes from?

    Our name comes from Virtual Loop, the safe loop created by our system that enable teens to shop online safely with parents’ visibility and control.


  • Can I add more than one parent to VeeLoop?

    Not yet, give us a couple of months and we’ll enable you to add more than one parent.

  • What online shops will VeeLoop work with?

    We want to work with all online shops that you like and need so we will be adding shops regularly to make sure you have lots of options. If there are any shops you would really love to see on VeeLoop just let us know by putting a name of the shop in the box provided above or tag us on social media.

  • How long will I need to wait for my order?

    As soon as your parent reviews the order and pays you will get a message from us telling you when your approved items will come. If Mum or Dad reject all your items we will also tell you :(

  • Will I definitely get the items I ordered?

    It depends, the quicker your parent approves your order the more chance you have of getting your items.
    However when your parent reviews the order they may not approve all the items in your basket.
    If your parent takes too long to review the order, some items may run out of stock, unfortunately we can’t put items on hold.

  • What happens to the items that my parent rejects?

    Rejected items will be put in a pile where you and your parents can see. Perhaps you can ask your parent to get you some of those items on your birthday (if they are still available of course).

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I don’t have to go
shopping with mum now

If we haven’t answered your question above please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you

About Us

VeeLoop is a payment approval service that enables tweens and teenagers to shop online safely and independently whilst giving parents visibility and control.

Our vision is to become a digital money management tools for families – helping parents teach financial literacy and kids become financially confident and responsible consumers.

The company was born from a problem that our founder Randa had with her teenage daughter (see our team profiles below). We then spoke to many parents and teens and found out there was need for a service that was fit for our changing needs as families.

Whether we like it or not kids and teens are constantly online, so there are countless opportunities to spend. That is where VeeLoop comes in – we enable kids and teens to enjoy the benefits of online shopping in a safe and secure environment whilst helping them understand virtual money, become financially literate with the skills needed to navigate the digital economy!

VeeLoop provides simple, convenient and safe online shopping for teens and parents!

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Randa Bennett - Founder and CEO

I'm a busy, working mother of two and like many mums today I try to do everything I can online, especially shopping.

When I tried to encourage my teen to be independent and do things for herself we felt there isn't a safe way for her to shop online that gives me the peace of mind I need. That's when the idea for VeeLoop started to shape. My experience working in the tech industry for the past 16 years is helping bringing VeeLoop to life. My aim is to help other families get the balance right between choice for teens and control for parents - hopefully making family life just a little bit easier! If you have any questions for me drop us a line and we’ll get back to you

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Patricia Salume – Co-founder and COO

Mother of a gorgeous 4 year old boy, he’s not yet spending online but I know it’s coming my way soon. Being part of VeeLoop has been amazing in getting me up to speed with the latest trends and technologies in the teen world.

I have a varied background from management consultancy to business development but I was hooked on the concept of VeeLoop when I met Randa, I instantly believed in it and we ended up being partners. Being an entrepreneur is tough but I’m enjoying the unpredictability of starting and running a business and how every day is different.

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