About Us

VeeLoop is a payment approval service that enables tweens and teenagers to shop online safely and independently whilst giving parents visibility and control.
Our vision is to become a digital money management tools for families – helping parents teach financial literacy and kids become financially confident and responsible consumers.

The company was born from a problem that our founder Randa had with her teenage daughter not being able to shop safely and independently online. We spoke to many parents and teens and found out there was need for a service that was fit for our changing needs as families.

Whether we like it or not kids and teens are constantly online, so there are countless opportunities to spend. That is where VeeLoop comes in – we enable kids and teens to enjoy the benefits of online shopping in a safe and secure environment whilst helping them understand virtual money, become financially literate with the skills needed to navigate the digital economy.

VeeLoop provides simple, convenient and safe online shopping for teens and parents!

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Randa Bennett - Founder and CEO

I'm a busy, working mother of two and like many mums today I try to do everything I can online, especially shopping.

When I tried to encourage my teen to be independent and do things for herself, we found there wasn't a safe way for her to shop online that gave me the peace of mind I needed. That's when the idea for VeeLoop started to shape. My experience working in the tech industry for the past 16 years is helping bringing VeeLoop to life. My aim is to help other families get the balance right between choice for teens and control for parents - hopefully making family life just a little bit easier!

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Patricia Salume – Co-founder and COO

I’m a mother of two young children, they aren’t spending online yet but I know it's coming my way soon. Being part of VeeLoop has been amazing in getting me up to speed with the latest trends and technologies in the teen world.

I have a varied background from management consultancy to business development but when I met Randa, I instantly believed in the concept of VeeLoop and we ended up being partners. Being an entrepreneur is tough but I’m enjoying the unpredictability of starting and running a business and how every day is different.

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Awards and Recognition

natwest award

Natwest #Power100 Index
2019 - top 100 company

women in payments award

Women in payments UK 2019
Unicorn Challenge - Winners of Judge's Award and Audience award

the start-up series award

Winners 2019