VeeLoop is a safe online payment method for children and teenagers

teens shopping online

Are you aware of the risks retailers take in processing children’s data?

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What stops teen shopping online?

Teens and young people love to shop online but often they can't - in the UK only 28% have their own payment cards, so they have to:

ask parent for their card
email parent a screenshot
chase parent to pay

The challenge for retailers of selling to children online

ask parent for their card

Loss of sales due to basket abandonment

email parent a screenshot

Poor user experience for teens who can't complete their purchase

chase parent to pay

Even if a child has their own card it opens up a host of dangers when it comes to capturing minors' data under GDPR and obtaining parental consent for young people's purchases.

VeeLoop is the ONLY service that lets teens share a basket with a parent for approval of payment.

The shopping journey for parents & teens

Step 1
Shop as usual and choose VeeLoop at checkout
Step 2
Put email details and send the basket
Step 1
Parent gets email notification
Step 2
Parent reviews the order to accept/reject items
Step 3
Parent proceeds to checkout and Teen get their item
easy process

"I found the process super easy!
We didn't have to enter loads of details, which made it really quick."
- Teen, 14

Benefits of VeeLoop for retailers

increase sales

Increase sales by reducing basket abandonment by teens

build trust

Build trust with parents by giving teens a way to shop online responsibly

protect data under gdpr

Protect data of under 18's in a GDPR compliant way

increase engagement

Increase engagement with teenagers

understand your market

Understand teen market trends and track ROI for marketing campaigns

allowance feature

Allowance feature to enable faster purchases

An innovative solution for young shoppers

One of the UK’s leading fashion brands, Hype, recognised the need for a solution to the problem of teens shopping online and added VeeLoop to their site in July 2019

pay with Veeloop
easy process

"We expected a positive return when implementing VeeLoop, but we received so much more. This turned out to be an amazing, safe and fun way to check out. We are excited to see the partnership blossom into something great for our customers."
-Liam Green, Co-founder and Creative Director, HYPE

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does it cost the retailer?

    VeeLoop charges retailers a small percentage for each transaction generated through VeeLoop. VeeLoop is a free payment method for families.

  • How does it integrate with the retailer’s site?

    VeeLoop integrates with ecommerce platforms, making it straightforward to set up. To find out more contact our team.

  • How and when does the retailer get paid?

    VeeLoop uses Stripe Connect which is a marketplace payment solution that processes the payment and passes it on to the retailer in real time, after deducting VeeLoop’s commission.

  • What customer information will the retailer receive?

    You will receive the parent's details that are required to fulfil the order. You will not receive the child’s information, reducing your risk under GDPR as you will not be processing children’s data.

  • What communications are sent out?

    VeeLoop will send a confirmation to the parent and to the child, summarising what has been ordered. The retailer will then send their usual order fulfilment communications directly to the parent.

  • What about refunds?

    Refunds happen directly between the parent and the retailer, following your standard process.

  • How is this different to pre-paid cards for children?

    Unlike a pre-paid bank card, the parent retains the approval for which items are purchased. There is no need to top-up or set a spending limit – the parent can decide for each basket whether or not to approve. The other difference with VeeLoop is that the parent enters the delivery details, not the child, so the child isn’t sharing personal information, protecting the retailer from exposure under GDPR. It also a free payment method for parents, unlike pre-paid cards.

  • What details are held by VeeLoop?

    We hold the teenager’s email address and the parent’s contact details as required to complete and deliver the order. All payment details are captured and processed through Stripe, a secure payment gateway. We do not capture or hold payment details.

  • Which retailers are working with VeeLoop?

    We are currently working with UK fashion brand HYPE., Prima Makeup, London Loves Beauty and The Hopeful Shop, with several more retailers in the process of integrating with us.

  • Who can use VeeLoop?

    Anyone who wants to send a basket for a third party to pay can use VeeLoop - even if they have their own payment card. For example, a university student can send a basket to their parents when funds run low, someone can create a wish list for their birthday or Christmas.

  • Who are VeeLoop?

    VeeLoop was founded by Patricia Salume and Randa Bennett in response to the problems Randa’s teenage daughter had shopping online. Find out more about us.

easy process

"I have two children aged 11-16 and both want to shop online but don't have a credit card, so this service is just what I am looking for!"
-Mum of two